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Plastics Are Not Organic And Do Not Compost

 Sometimes the little things are just as important as the bigger things.  Now a real big thing is sneaking up on us, it's Global Warming.  We need to take action now.  The quality of life on earth is deteriorating, the air is dirtier, our water resources are stressed and our forests are disappearing.


At Creative Earth, we teach and practice environmental stewardship through innovative programs and interactive workshops.  We take a holistic approach to understanding the earth's natural systems: from the tiniest microorganisms that live in the soil, water and all around us to the largest organisms of all, the trees that protect our soil, air and water.  Trees are the earth's terrestrial air filters.  They cool the air by pumping moisture up from the soil and releasing it into our atmosphere.  They absorb Carbon Dioxide and give us back Oxygen.  They provide shelter and habitat for so many of the earth's creatures.


We (all living things) are now facing a very big problem that requires our immediate attention.  The earth is getting hotter.  Global Warming is real and not something we (the people) can continue to ignore.  Humans are causing this problem and we need to make some changes in our habits and fast!  Whether or not we are aware of it, Global Warming is affecting everything around us.  Like the times, the earth is changing.  We need to take action now.  Time is of the essence. 


 Creative Earth is a non-profit organization devoted to environmental education. 

We are a 501 c 3 charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service tax code. 


With your support, Creative Earth will teach others how they can make a difference.

    We will teach the children to understand what is happening and why.

    We will empower people with the knowledge that their actions will make a difference.

    We will get adolescents and young adults involved with community-based eco-activities that bring a sense of responsibility, accomplishment and togetherness to their lives for a most common good.

    We will present our ideas and programs at the local, state, federal and international levels.

    We will train others to teach these programs and conduct interactive workshops.

    We will assist in setting up organic diversion programs in schools, and for municipalities and governments at all levels.

    We will assist in setting up compost facilities at all levels.

And through these actions, we will create jobs; a greener economy full of new ways to live more sustainably and a new way of living on earth.


How to slow Global Warming.  Give to Creative Earth, we have a job to do, regardless of our passion for the earth, without your support good ideas are just good ideas.  Our mission is to reach and teach every student and teacher in the world by 2015.  We need to put the brakes on Global warming. 

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