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Links to the Environment


Links to the Environment

Here are links to some great organizations.

These sites are all Earth Friendly, Informative and Child Safe.

The Big Picture 



  • The World Revolution
    This site is full of hard facts about our planet. If you want to pretend everything is fine in the world, don't go here. If you want to know the truth about the state of our global environment, there are lots of facts and other links to our world available here.



Water, we can't live without it.
  • The Upper Oconee Watershed Network (UOWN)
    The Upper Oconee Watershed Network (UOWN)... I love these guys. I'm a board member for two years now and all I can tell you is this one rocks. It's local, it's a highly active group that looks after things right here at home. Join! Because U OWN the rivers.
  • Rivers Alive
    Rivers Alive is a group that brings the State of Georgia's water organizations together to clean up our rivers. You can do this one. It's a Georgia annual event. It's fun and rewarding.
  • The Georgia River Network
    The Georgia River Network is a state wide non-profit dedicated to the conservation of Georgia's waters. A great group of people working with other organizations to keep our waters clean.
  • Sea Web
    Sea Web is about our oceans. Good stuff for the world to know.

Soil: How much is there?
  • Careful! Worms Underfoot
    Careful! Worms Underfoot. This is a kid's story from a soil scientist. It's fun to find out about earthworms.
  • Earthworm Castles
    Environmental Education for Kids. This is another great site for kids. Grow earthworms in a mayonnaise jar. Composting with worms and other cool places to go from here.
  • Soil Food Web
    Soil Food Web is a neat site. You can look at bugs and find out just how soil is made. You'll like this site. It's cool for kids that can read or you can look at the pictures. It's very interactive and educational. A job well done.
  • Soil and the Environment
    Soil and the Environment. This is a NASA web page, and there are other links from here. Very interesting. Get the dirt on how long it takes the earth to make another inch of soil.

Compost: It should happen.
  • USEPA Compost
    USEPA Compost is a great site for those who are interested in what the world knows about compost and it's utilization. They've done a good job with research here. Compost can save the planet. There's also a kids' link "Planet Protectors Club." It has games that teach kids about the environment. Yeah EPA!
  • Food Waste Composting 
    Food Waste Composting The Best Stuff on Earth. Another good paper from Britt at UGA.
  • Compost Utilization for Erosion Control
    Compost Utilization for Erosion Control. An associate of mine at UGA wrote this paper. Good work Britt.
  • Composting at Cornell
    I like what these people are doing. They've got good information and it's user friendly. A look at the EDU side of compost.
  • Organics Recycling and Composting
    Organics Recycling and Composting. North Carolina has a good Organics Program and they are trying hard to do the right thing. They have good links to other sites so check them out.

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