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Who We Are



How to slow Global Warming?   Give to Creative Earth, we have a job to do, regardless of our passion for the earth without your support good ideas are just good ideas. Our mission is to reach and teach every student and teacher in the world by the year 2015. We need to put the brakes on Global warming. 

Creative Earth is a 501 c 3 charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service tax code.  

 Mark J. McConnell


President / Executive Director


Mark McConnell is the Founder and Executive Director of Creative Earth Inc. He has been both aware of and concerned about climate change since 1997 devoting much of his time and energy to this cause. He has been a landscape designer, contractor, consultant and arborist practicing eco-friendly design and construction techniques since 1986.

He helped to create and teach an environmental education workshop on organics and composting and has conducted this program every year since 2002. He designed and implemented presentations for groups on environmentally sustainable practices addressing issues pertaining to water, air, soil, and global warming.

He received permission to divert and compost food residuals from The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division in May of 2000 and setup the states' first commercial food waste diversion and composting facility in Athens, Georgia.

His certifications include: International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist, Certificate of Completion for Compost Facility Operators Training Workshop from the University of Georgia’s Bioconversion Research and Educational Facility in Athens, Athens-Clarke County “Certified 24-Hour Contact Specialist” for Erosion and Sediment Control, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division Georgia Adopt-A-Stream: Certified in Biological and Chemical Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

He is also board member of these non profit organizations: Athens Grow Green Coalition since 2002, Upper Oconee Watershed Network since 2003, and ex-officio of The Community Tree Council since 2003.


Brady Mattsson                                                           


Brady Mattsson holds a PhD from the University of Georgia in Forest Resources. He acquired his MS in Biology from the University of Minnesota at Duluth. He has instructed at the University of Georgia’s Institute of Ecology. His research includes population viability analysis of the Ivory-billed woodpecker, ecology of the Louisiana Waterthrush in the Georgia Piedmont, Northeastern Minnesota northern hardwood songbird study, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem forest songbird study and Wintering Sparrow Foraging Behavior. Brady has received numerous grants from state and government agencies to help fund his research projects. He has also received many honors and awards for his work including Honorable Mention from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and the E. L. Cheatum Award from the University of Georgia.


Seth Wenger


Seth Wenger is a conservation ecologist and policy analyst for the University of Georgia River Basin Center. He holds a MS in Conservation Ecology from the University of Georgia and is currently pursuing a PhD in Ecology. He studies the impacts of land use on freshwater aquatic organisms, especially imperiled fish species, and develops policy tools to manage the impacts of development activities on aquatic systems. He is currently participating in the creation of Habitat Conservation Plan for the imperiled fish species of the Etowah River Basin, Georgia.


Loreza Rozier                                Treasurer

Lorenza "Chico" Rozier is a microbiologist with the Food Safety and Inspection Sevice of the USDA. In addition to handling the budget and spending money, he also serves as our resident artist in charge of making signs, posters, and banners. He also has experience serving as a board member and treasurer for the Upper Oconee Watershed Network, and has helped co-ordinate many events for this organization.


Lulu Alex

Executive Assistant

Lulu Alex is finance major at the University of Georgia. She has assisted with Creative Earth projects for since January of 2005. Her talents and enthusiasm, helped get us through a lot of the paper work involved with filing our 501 c 3 papers. She has volunteered her time on numerous occasions to help for the greater good of humanity and the environment. Her photography skills and special energy made the 2005 and 2006 workshops at Waseca pure joy. She has an amazing way of connecting with kids and is looking forward being a part of our campaign to slow global warming.


Jenny Culler 

Jenny Culler is the 2003 and 2004 past president of UOWN( Upper Oconee Watershed Network), and has been on the board since 2002. Jenny is an attorney in general practice with Lancaster & McKillip in Athens, and plays the viola in local band audition with Max Reinhardt. She holds a Master of Studies in Environmental Law, and organizes the Third Thursday Breakfast of Champions each month for nonprofit networking and collaboration.        


Paul Diaz                  


 One of Paul’s visions is to use music to change our relationship with the earth.. With his latest project Tree Leaf Music, the mission is to use music as a way to teach people about living in harmony with the earth. The use of green entertainment products (CD, DVD, Books) and green Tours from musical artists will be the vehicle for the message of sustainability. The message will be a part of the artists and their products. Earth friendly merchandise, hemp, organic cotton and other recycled products; Green Energy Credits for the concert goers to compensate for the CO2 produced by the live concert; and a tree planted for every ticket sold. As a facility Tree Sound, offsets our CO2 with Green Mountain Energy produced from wind, solar, and biomass and we use earth friendly products in house for cleaning and consumables.  Tree also purchases 10,000 Kwhrs. of green power produced from methane at a local land fill. In addition we will be promoting alternative energy, organic farming, sustainable landscapes for urban areas and the philosophy of being caretakers of the earth for future generations. It is our hope that the generations to come look back and are thankful that our actions to preserve a natural way of life have given them the recourses to live well. A series of Green Benefits will revolve around specific areas of need and not only raise money as events but also create lasting products that will perpetually generate income for the cause. In addition to these benefit projects, 4% of all Tree Leaf profits will be given to environmental charities and education. We believe that there are enough major musical artists who care enough to make a collective difference in the way future generations see our relationship with the earth. Through various genres of music we can reach virtually every  person on earth, and help them understand the importance of reconnecting with nature as the source of our life. We don’t want to be pushy about it but rather have the artists that they respect live a green lifestyle. By supporting green products because they not only think it is right but also very cool. We can have a major shift in future spending habits, and thus effect the way corporations impact the planet. We believe that we have the power through music to change the world and make people happy, while teaching them the ancient knowledge of oneness with our earth. We also believe that this message can be very mainstream if packaged properly and create long-term good vibrations.


K C Das 

 Assistant Professor  Biological & Agricultural Engineering Driftmier Engineering Center University of Georgia

Georgia Area of Specialty  

  • Development and analysis of biological techniques for the treatment of municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastes.
  • Process design, process control, optimization and modeling.
  • Image analysis, spectrometric applications and artificial intelligence applications such as neural networks to agricultural and environmental problems.


  • Pulp and paper mill residue bioconversion
  • Bioconversion of textile mill residues
  • Insitu aerobic biodegradation of a landfill cell
  • Wood from fast growing trees as a source for bulking agents in composting

Compost facility operator training workshop 


Sharon Duncan

 Sharon Duncan is the founder, director and lead teacher of  Waseca LearningEnvironment,  http://www.wasecalearning.com a non-profit 501(C) 3 corporation. The school takes advantage of grants from the federal and state governments to lessen the cost of attending the private school.  In 1993, Sharon Duncan began the Waseca mail-order business with materials designed by her and Freida Hammett. As a Montessori teacher trained in both the primary and elementary curriculum, Sharon envisioned a way to use the principles of Montessori creatively in teaching geography through the study of biomes. New materials have developed out of the Waseca classrooms over the years inspired by the needs of the children and the need to create a shift in the way we view the natural world. Sharon is the artist for the biome materials and one of the founders of the preschool.  


Carl Lindberg   

Carl Lindberg wears many hats, the founding member of the bands Squat and Grogus, along with his environmental effort through his ARBER project—Athens Revitalization Beautification & Ecological Restoration. Carl has donated much of his time and energy to make the world a more beautiful place to live. He has spent countless hours working with children of the Boys and Girls Club planting edible landscapes in many places. He is a  Disciple of Master Chen, teaching the art Taijiquan martial arts. He was also the person who brought the “SHANTI FESTIVAL” to Creative Earth back in 1998 and exposed so many wonderful people and ideas to so many of us.


Bill Sheehan 

 Bill Sheehan is Director of the Product Policy Institute, http://www.productpolicy.org  an independent nonprofit research and advocacy organization that promotes public policies advancing sustainable production and consumption and good governance. The focus of current research is on local government policies that distinguish between product and organic waste management. From 1995 to 2003, Bill co-founded and led the GrassRoots Recycling Network. During that time he helped launch a global movement for "Zero Waste" and worked to focus the recycling movement on extending producer responsibility for waste as a key to sustainability, with campaigns targeting Coca-Cola and Dell. Bill received his Ph.D. in insect ecology from Cornell University and held a post-doctoral appointment at UC Berkeley before working for USDA Agricultural Research Service in Tifton, Georgia.